Your “history-making” milestone can begin right in the seat of history!

A setting befitting the king and queen for the day. The beautiful and well appointed rooms and the elegant and stately museum combines to offer the perfect setting for your wedding.

The restaurant is ideal for

  • Solemnisations
  • Luncheons
  • Dinners

Flutes can accommodate up to 100 guests whereby smaller receptions can be held in private rooms or separate appointed sections of the restaurant. You and your guests can choose to dine outdoors on the terrace or indoors in the Jubilee Room or the Sir Henry McCallum Room.

Exclusive menus paired with the right wines will bring each celebration to the finest level.  To enhance your wedding celebrations, we also provide a suggested list of photographers, florists, musicians and wedding solemnisers.

The team at Flutes strives to make your celebration of marriage a memorable occasion.

Virtual Tour: Solemnisation at William Farquhar Terrace
Virtual Tour: Wedding in Jubilee Room and Henry McCallum Room

Our Location:
93 Stamford Road, #01-02
National Museum of Singapore
Singapore 178897

Tel:  +65 6338 8770
Fax: +65 6338 8780

E-mail: (for Wedding Enquiries)

*We would appreciate if you have the date, expected number of guests, type of event (e.g. lunch or dinner) and budget in mind before contacting us.


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